Thursday, March 20, 2014

#01 : Working on the night shift.


As I'm typing this entry I'm basically waiting for my shift to end and finally wrap the day up. AT FREAKING 7.35PM!

Alah, macam tak biasa keje malam. Last time when I was working with AirAsia lagi banyak shift dari kerja sekarang. Maybe after I left for quite some time and kinda do my own thing for a year (or so) situation jadi susah nak fit into my life balik. And kerja sekarang bukanlah banyak mana pun, sometimes yes. Tapi manageable. Tetapilah kan...I noticed if kerja malam confirm aku letih semacam and felt like the week takes forever to reach weekend. Not a fan! Haha.

This is basically just a crap ramblings aje. The whole day I'm at the counter with my blazer on (PANAS) and  layan 1001 macam perangai students so finally I got a chance to rehatkan kepalahotak in the office. Tak sabar nak balik and mandi.



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