Friday, March 21, 2014

#02 : Something about me - Pt. 1


Its 1.27am. I'm sleepy but you know once you've turned your lappy on, there's no way you could go back to sleep early. So here I am. 

Hmm. Nak cerita apa eh?

Okay lah. since i've started back blogging, lets start all over again. I previously have been a blogger, an active one to be exact. although tak la sefamous blogger lain, but yeah I owned my own domain and everything so its kinda major(at least for me lah,kan). Dulu dulu keje bodoh-bodoh aje. So banyak masa la terluang kat meja tu. Mostly bila tunggu abah balik coz i was working as my dad's biz partner's receptionist (if that makes sense lol) and memang satu office except at the end of the month my salary is paid by his partner. Begitu. Complicated? Takyah la complicate kan sangat otak hangpa.

So yeah. There you go, an introduction. Good start la tu eh?

Sebab tetibe mengantuk kau. Hahahaha. Janganlah marah cik timah ya. Esok sambung lagi.

nenite *bajet comel sgt lettew*

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